Acronyms and Abbreviations


Abbreviatio/Acronym Meaning Association Defination
AC Advisory Circular Aerospace FAA Document
AD Airworthiness Directive Aerospace
AIM AAC Engineering Training & R&D Aerospace
AMOC Aerospace
AOA Aerospace
AR Aerospace
ARC Aviation Rulemaking Committee Aerospace
AVS Administrator for Aviation Safety Aerospace
BA Billable Aerospace
BG Build Group Aerospace
CDIS Aerospace
CE Component Engine Aerospace
CET Component-Engine Tracked Aerospace
CN Component Nacelle Aerospace
CNT Component Nacelle Tracked Aerospace
DFO Designated Federal Official Aerospace
DHS Department of Homeland Security Aerospace
EFB Electronic Flight Bag Aerospace
EM Aerospace
EMC Electromagnetic Compatibility Aerospace
EMRB Engineering Mandatory Review Board Aerospace
FCC Federal Communications Commission Aerospace
FDR Flight Data Recorders Aerospace
FFFC Fit Form Function Code Aerospace
FM Frequency Modulation Aerospace
FM Frequency Modulation Aerospace
FOIA Freedom of Information Act Aerospace
FSIMS Flight Standards Information Management System Aerospace
FTN Delta-generated Part numbers Aerospace
GNSS Global Navigation Satellite Systems Aerospace
GPS Global Positioning System Aerospace
HIRF High-Intensity Radiated Fields Aerospace
HRT Horizontal Return Tubular Engineering_Steam
IEEE Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers Aerospace
IFR Instrument Flight Rules Aerospace
ILS Instrument Landing System Aerospace
IMO Aerospace
IPC Illustrated Parts Catalog Aerospace
IPD Illustrated Parts Data Aerospace
IPDP IPDP Illustrated Parts Data Publication Aerospace
LLP LLP Life Limited Part Aerospace
M M Module Aerospace
M/M/S Make, Model, and Series Aerospace
MDCR MDCR Aerospace
MRO MRO Aerospace
MVCR MVCR Maintenance (Data?) Change Request Aerospace
NBA NBA Non-Billable Aerospace
NPRM NPRM Notice of Proposed Rule-Making Aerospace
OEM Original Equipment Manufacturer Aerospace
P P Part Aerospace
PED PED Portable Electronic Device Aerospace
PIC PIC Pilot in Command Aerospace
PLI PLI Aerospace
PM PM Part Major Aerospace
PMAG PMAG Permanent Magnet Alternator/Generator Aerospace
PPIPDP PPIPDP Power Plant Illustrated Parts Data Publication Aerospace
PRR PRR Production Revision Record Aerospace
PT PT Part Tracked Aerospace
QEC QEC Quick Engine Change Aerospace
RF RF Radio Frequency Aerospace
RSPL RSPL Aerospace
RTCA Radio Technical Commission for Aeronautics Aerospace
SAFO Safety Alerts for Operators Aerospace
SB SB Service Bulletin Aerospace
SME Subject Matter Expert Aerospace
SMS Safety Management Systems Aerospace
THSA THSA Aerospace
TPED TPED Transmitting Portable Electronic Device Aerospace
TWSA TWSA Aerospace
VMC Visual Meteorological Conditions Aerospace
VOR VHF Omni Range Aerospace
VPN VPN Pulse (Delta?) Aerospace
ZEXP ZEXP Expendable Part Aerospace
ZLLP ZLLP Life Limited Part Aerospace
ZREP ZREP Repairable Part Aerospace
ZROT ZROT Rotable Part Aerospace
3DDDI 3D Device Driver Interface Computer FAA Document
A Area of a Cylinder (in2) = π * D2 / 4 Engineering
A Amps Electricity
AA Anti-aliasing Digital Audio/Video
AAC Advanced Audio Coding Digital Audio/Video
ABL Above BaseLine Engineering
ABS American Bureau of Shipping Engineering
ABT Automatic Bus Transfer Electricity
AC Air Conditioning Engineering
AC Alternating Current Electricity
ACL Access Control List Computer
ACS Access Engineering
ADC Analog-to-Digital Converter Digital Audio/Video
ADE Automatic Directory Exchange Computer
ADJ Adjustable Engineering
AECM Advanced Engine Control Module Engineering
AED Automated External Defibrillator Engineering
AEL Allowance Equipage List Engineering
AES Advanced Encryption Standard Computer
AF Anisotropic Filtering Digital Audio/Video
AFFF Aqueous Film Forming Foam Engineering
AFR Alternate Frame Rendering Computer
AGB Accessory Gear Box Engineering
AGP Accelerated Graphics Port Computer
AHRMA American Historic Racing Motorcycle Association Engineering
AHU Air Handling Unit Engineering
ALF Aft Looking Forward Engineering
ALT Alternate Electricity
AMCS Alarm, Monitoring, and Control System Engineering
AMP Ampere Electricity
AMT Active Management Technology Computer
AMVER ?-position reporting service Engineering
ANSI American National Standards Institute Engineering
AOD Advanced Optical Disc (aka HD-DVD) Digital Audio/Video
AP Access Point Computer
AP Associated Press General
APC Aqueous Potassium Carbonate Engineering
API Application Program Interface Computer
APN All Purpose Nozzle Engineering
APU Audio Prodessing Unit Digital Audio/Video
AR As Required Engineering
ASC Adaptive Steering Computer Engineering
ASCII American Standard for Coded Information Interchange Computer
ASIO Audio Stream Input / Output Computer
ASF Advanced Systems Format Digital Audio/Video
ASME American Society of Mechanical Engineers Engineering
ASP Aspirated Engineering
ASSY Assembly Engineering
ASTM American Society for Testing & Materials Engineering
ATA Advanced Technology Attachment (Parallel ATA a.k.a. IDE) Computer
ATA Analog Telephone Adaptor Computer
ATM Automatic Teller Machine General
ATM Asynchronous Transfer Mode Computer
ATX ?? (Advanced Technology Extended?) Computer
AutoGK Auto Gordian Knot Computer
AUX Auxiliary Engineering
AVI Audio/Video Interleaved Digital Audio/Video
AYRS Amateur Yacht Research Society Sailing
AP Access Point Computer
AU Gold General
BCAI Byte Count After Index Computer
BCC Brigdewing Control Consule Engineering
BD Blu-Ray Discs Computer
BDC Backup Domain Controller Engineering
BDOS Basic Disk Operating System Computer
BERP Bolted Equipment Removal Plate Engineering
BHD Bulkhead Engineering
BHP Brake Horsepower Engineering
BIOS Basic Input / Output System Computer
BIOS Binary Input / Output Software Computer
BLEVE Boiling Liquid-Expanding Vapor Explosion Engineering
BO Back Oriface Computer
BPM Beats per Minute Digital Audio/Video
BRIC Broadcast-Reliable Internet Codec Computer
BTFL Butterfly Engineering
BTRY Battery Electricity
BTU British Thermal Unit Engineering
BTX Balanced Technology Extended (Successor to ATX) Computer
BWA Broadband Wireless Access Computer
BYP Bypass Valve Engineering
BAM Brushed Anodized Machined Engineering
C Ceiling Limit Engineering
C Coulombs Electricity
CAD Computer Aided Design Engineering
CAEL Capitalization, Asset quality, Earnings and Liquidity Financial
CALFE Combined Arms Live Fire Exercise General
CARP CPU cooling, Airflow, RAM, & Power Computer
CAS Chinese Acedemy of Sciences Computer
CAS Column Address Strobe (RAM Timings) Computer
CAV Constant Angular Velocity Digital Audio/Video
CBD Constrained By Draft Engineering
CBR-D Chemical, Biological, Radiological Defense Engineering
CCA Cruising Club of America Sailing
CCD Charge Couple Device Engineering
CCDB Common Configuration Database Computer
CCFL Cold Cathode Flourescent Lamp Computer
CCS Central Control Station Engineering
CCW Counter Clockwise General
cDc Cult of the Dead Cow Computer
CdSe Cadmium Selenide, powers OLED’s Computer
CDT Cambridge Display Technology Computer
CEMF Counter Electro-motive Force Electricity
CERT Computer Emergency Response Team Computer
CES Computer Electronics Show Computer
CFA Compact Flash Association Digital Audio/Video
CFB Cipher Feedback Mode Computer
CFC Chloronated FlourCarbon Engineering
CFF Compressor Front Flame Engineering
CFM Cubic Feet per Minute Engineering
CFR Code of Federal Regulations Engineering
CFWC Central Fresh Water Cooling Engineering
CHEM Chemical Engineering
CHS Channel Handicap System Sailing
CIRC Circulating Engineering
CIRC BKR Circuit Breaker Electricity
CISE Central Information System Equipment Engineering
CIT Compressor Inlet Temperature Sensot Engineering
CGI Common Gateway Interface Computer
CL Centerline Engineering
CLEC Competive Local Exchange Carrier Computer
CLF Current Limiting Fuse Engineering
CLSID ? Computer
CLV Constant Linear Velocity Digital Audio/Video
CNC Computerized Numerical Control Engineering
CO2 Carbon Dioxide Engineering
CODAG Combined Diesel & Gas Turbine Engineering
CODEC Compress/Decompress Computer
CODLAG Combined Diesel Electric & Gas Engineering
CODOG Combined Operation Diesel or Gas Turbine Engineering
COG Center of Gravity Engineering
COGAG Combined Operation Gas Turbine or Gas Turbine Engineering
COGOG Combined Gas Turbine (for minimum power) or Gas Turbine for maximum power Engineering
COI Certificate of Inspection Engineering
COM Component Object Model Computer
COMPT Compartment Engineering
CONT Control Engineering
COTP Captain of the Port Engineering
COTS Commercial Off-the-Shelf Engineering
COW Crude Oil Wash Engineering
CPE Customer Premise Equipment Computer
CPP Controllable Pitch Propeller Engineering
CPR Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation General
CPS Cycles Per Second Engineering
CPU Central Processing Unit Computer
CPU Computer Power User Computer
CRC Cyclical Redundancy Checking Computer
CRCMF Circumference Engineering
CRF Compressor Rear Frame Engineering
CRP Controllable Reverse Pitch Propeller Engineering
CSA Communications Streaming Architecture Computer
CSR Cambridge Silicon Radio Computer
CSS Content Scramble System Digital Audio/Video
CTIA Cellular Telecommunications & Internet Association Computer
CUPS Common UNIX Printing System Computer
CW Clockwise General
CDN Content Delivery Network Computer
CMOS Complementary Metal Oxide Semiconductor Computer
COAST Consortium of Anti-Spyware Technology Computer
D Cylinder Bore Engineering
D Penny, Pennyweight Engineering
D3D Direct3D Computer
DAC Digital-to-Analog Converter Computer
DASP Dynamic Adaptive Speculative Pre-Processor Digital Audio/Video
DAU Data Acquistion Unit Engineering
dB Decibels Computer
DB Double Bottom Engineering
dBi Decibels, Isotropic Computer
DBMS Data Base Management System Computer
DC Damage Control Electricity
DC Direct Current Engineering
DC Distributed Computing Computer
DCC Damage Control Console Engineering
DCC Damage Control Central Engineering
DCWIFCOM Damage Control Wire Free Communication System Engineering
DDE Dynamic Data Exchange Computer
DDR ? Computer
DECON STA Decontamination Station Engineering
DES Data Encryption Standard Computer
DHCP Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol Computer
DISCH Discharge Engineering
DIY Do It Yourself Computer
DK Deck Engineering
DLL Dynamic Link Library Computer
DMA Direct Memory Access Computer
DMB Digital Measuring Boroscope Engineering
DMCA Digital Millennium Copyright Act Computer
DMCRA Digital Media Consumers’ Rights Act of 2003 Computer
DMD’s Digital Mirror Devices Computer
DMFC Direct Methanol Fuel Cell Computer
DMU Distributed Monitoring Units Engineering
DMZ Demilitarized Zone General
DO Diesel Oil Engineering
DOS Disk Operating System Computer
DoS ? Computer
DRE Digital Rectal Exam General
DRM Digital Rights Management Computer
DSD Direct Stream Digital Computer
dSLR Digital Single-Lens Reflex Digital Audio/Video
DSM Delta-Sigma Modulator Computer
DSP Digital Signal Processor Computer
DSSA Digital Software Security Act Computer
DSSC Data Storage Systems Center (at Carnegie Mellon University) Computer
DTR Data Transfer Rate Computer
DTR Discreet Track Recording Computer
DVA Dynamic Vibration Absorber Computer
DVD ? Computer
DVD-A DVD Audio Digital Audio/Video
DVI Digital Visual Interface Computer
DVR Digital Video Recorder Digital Audio/Video
DWG Drawing Engineering
DWL Design Waterline Engineering
DWT Dead Weight Tons Engineering
DBS Dual Bridge System Computer
DL Double-Layer Computer
DSL Damn Small Linux Computer
E Voltage (V), Electro-motive force, or electricial pressure Electricity
E/C Enviromental Control Engineering
EA Each Engineering
EAP Extensible Authentication Protocol Computer
EBD Excute Disable Computer
ECC Error Correction Code Computer
ECPA Electronic Communications Privacy Act Computer
ECSS Engineering Control & Surveillance System Engineering
ECU Electronic Control Unit Engineering
EDG Emergency Diesel Generator Engineering
EDGE Enhanced Data rates for Global (GSM) Evolution Computer
EEBD Emergency Escape Breathing Device Engineering
EGA Exhaust Gas Analyzer Engineering
EGP Electronic Programming Guide Computer
EGR Exhaust Gas Recirculating Engineering
EIDE ? Computer
EMER Emergency Engineering
EMF Volts, Electro-motive force, or electricial pressure Electricity
EMI Electro-Magnetic Interference Computer
EOM Engineer’s Operating Manual Engineering
EOS Enclosed Operating Station Engineering
EOT Engine Order Telegraph Engineering
EP Explosion Proof Engineering
EPC Electronic Product Code Computer
EPCC Electric Plant Control Console Engineering
EPCE Electric Plant Control Equipment Engineering
EPIRB Emergency Position Indicating Radio Beacon Engineering
EPR Evaporator Pressure Regulator Engineering
EPROM Erasable Programmable ROM Computer
EPS Earnings Per Share Financial
EQUIP Equipment Engineering
ESD Electro-Static Discharge Computer
ESDI Enhanced Small Device Interface Computer
ES-MS Emergency Switchboard to Main Switchboard Engineering
ESOV Emergency Shut-Off Valve Engineering
EVD Enhanced Versatile Disc Computer
EXIF Exchangable Image File Computer
EXT Extension Engineering
EZMED Easy Medical Engineering
EAP Electroactive Polymers Computer
F Frequency Electricity
F Farads Electricity
F&B Fire & Boat Engineering
FAT File Allocation Tables Computer
FBNOFPU Free, but not open, for personal use Computer
FCA Fan Coil Assembly Engineering
FCPI Flux Changes per Inch, aka: FCI, FPI Computer
FCSLE Forecastle Engineering
FDRP First Destination Reporting Point General
FFE Firefighter’s Ensemble Engineering
FHRAC Foam Hose Reel Actuation Control Engineering
FIG Figure Engineering
FIRE Find Inform Restrict Extinguish Engineering
FIU Fire Indicating Unit Engineering
FL Flush Engineering
FL Flat Engineering
FLAC Free Lossless Audio Codec Digital Audio/Video
FM Frequency Modulation Computer
FMV Fuel Metering Valve Engineering
FO Fuel Oil Engineering
FOD Foreign Object Damage Engineering
FOSV Fuel Oil Shut-off Valve Engineering
FR Frame Engineering
FRPI Flux Reversals per inch
FRP Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic Sailing
FSAA Full Scene Anti-Aliasing Computer
FSB Front Side Bus Computer
FSM Food Service Managemenmt Engineering
FT Foot Engineering
FT Feet Engineering
FUBAR Fucked Up Beyond All Recognition General
FWD Forward Engineering
FWD Fresh Water Computer
FWM Fair Weather Modifications Engineering
FZ Fire Zone Engineering
GAL Gallon Engineering
Gbe Gigabit Ethernet (Connection) Computer
GCC Group Control Centers Engineering
GCCA1to4 Ancillary spaces GCC’s Engineering
GCCD1to3 Deck machinery GCC’s Engineering
GCCH Accomodation Ventilation GCC Engineering
GCCM10 Engine Room Ventilation GCC Engineering
GCCM12 Vacuum collection GCC Engineering
GCCM1to4 Propulsion auxiliary GCC’s Engineering
GCR Group Code Encoding Computer
GDI Gasoline Direct Ignition Engineering
GEN Generator Engineering
GIMP GNU Image Manipulation Program Computer
GM Metacenter Height, Indicator of initial stability Engineering
GML ? Engineering
GMT Greenwich Mean Time General
GnuPG GNU Privacy Guard Computer
GOTS Government Off-the-Shelf Engineering
GPM Gallons Per Minute Engineering
GPU Graphics Processing Unit Computer
GRTG Grating Engineering
GTC Gas Turbine Controller Engineering
GTM Gas Turbine Module Engineering
GTRB Gas Turbine Engineering
GTTD Gigabit to the Desktop Computer
GUID Globally Unique Identifiers (“goo id”) Computer
GZ Righting Arm Engineering
Gbe Gigabit Ethernet Computer
H Height Engineering
HAD Head / Disk Assembly Computer
HAMR Heat Assisted Magnetic Recording Computer
HCCI Homogeneous Charge Compression Ignition Engineering
HCFC ? Engineering
HCSC ? Engineering
HCT High-resolution Compression Technology Computer
HD-DVD High-Defination DVD (aka AOD) Digital Audio/Video
Hex Hexidecimal Engineering
HG Mercury Engineering
HID High Intensity Discharge Engineering
HLCPTR Helicopter Computer
HLSL High Level Shading Language Engineering
HMI Human Machine Interface Computer
HOPM Hydraulic Oil Power Module Engineering
HP HorsePower Computer
HPA Host Protected Area Engineering
HPT High Pressure Turbine Engineering
HPTN1 High Pressure Turbine 1 RPM Engineering
HPTN2 High Pressure Turbine 2 RPM Engineering
HPU Hydraulic Power Unit Engineering
HR Hour Engineering
HSF Heat Sink Fan Computer
HIS High-Speed Interconnect Computer
HT Height Engineering
HTPC ?? Computer
HTS High Tensile Steel Engineering
HTTP Hyper-Text Transfer Protocol Computer
HVAC & P Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning & Precooling Engineering
HYD Hydraulic Computer
HZ Hertz (or cycles per second) Electricity
HIPS Host Intrusion Prevention System Computer
HSDPA High Speed Downlink Packet Access Computer
I Current or Amperage Electricity
I/OM Input / Output Module Sailing
IAI Internet Activity Index Computer
IATTC Inter-American Tropical Tuna Commission General
IC Interior Communication Computer
ICANN Internet Corporation for Assigned Names & Numbers Computer
ICE Integrated Cooling Engine Computer
ICH Input / Output Controller Hub, aka. Mobo Southbridge, see MCP Computer
ICMP Internet Control Message Protocol Engineering
ICS Internet Connection Sharing Computer
IDE Integrated Drive Electronics Computer
IDF Intel Developer Forum Engineering
IDLH Immediately Dangerous to Life & Health Engineering
IEEE Institute of Electricial & Electronics Engineers Computer
IGB Inlet Gear Box Engineering
IGP Integrated Graphics Processors Computer
IGV Inlet Guide Vanes (aka VSV) Engineering
IHP Indicated Horsepower Engineering
IIS Internet Information Services Computer
IM Instant Messaging Engineering
IMO International Maritime Organization Sailing
IMS International Measurement System Engineering
IN. Inch Engineering
INI Initialization Computer
INMARSAT International Maritime Satellite Engineering
Intel Integrated Electronics (yes, the company) Computer
IOPP International Oil Pollution Prevention Certificate Engineering
IOR International Offshore Rule General
IP Internet Protocol Computer
IPN Interplanetary Network General
IPO Intial Public Offering Computer
IPTV Internet Protocol Television Computer
IRC Internet Relay Chat Computer
IRQ Interrupt Request Lines Computer
ISA ? Engineering
ISM Industrial Scientific Medical (Frequency Bands) Computer
ISM International Safety Management Engineering
ISO International Safety Organization Engineering
IT Information Technology Computer
ITAA Information Technology Association of America Computer
ITU International Telecommunication Union Sailing
IYRU International Yacht Racing Union Computer
I PC Instructions Per Clock Cycle Computer
ICM Image Color Management Computer
ICSA •p Computer
IG Image Generators Computer
JPEG Joint Photographic Experts Group Engineering
JTR Joint Travel Regulations of Government Electricity
KB The Height of the Center of Buoyancy Engineering
KBYTE Kilobyte Engineering
KTM Kronreif, Trunkenpolz, Mattighofen General
KVM Keyboard-Video-Mouse Computer
KW Kilowatt Engineering
kWh Kilowatt Hours Engineering
L Henries (Inductance) Electricity
L Length of Piston Stroke in Inches Engineering
LADI Laser-Assisted Direct Input Computer
LAME Linux System Administration Made Easy Computer
LAN Local Area Network Engineering
LB Pound Engineering
LC Load Centers Engineering
LCP Local Control Panel Engineering
LCR Miscellaneous Lighting and Isolated Receptacle Load Centers Engineering
LCTN Location Computer
LDT Lightning Data Transfer Computer
LEL Lower Explosive Limit Engineering
LEP Light-Emitting Polymer Engineering
LFBT Lifeboat Engineering
LGE Large Engineering
LLC Lighting Load Centers Engineering
LO Lube Oil Engineering
LO/LO Load On / Load Off Engineering
LONG. Longitudinal Engineering
LOSCA Lube Oil Storage and Conditioning Assembly Engineering
LP Lighting Panel Engineering
LP Low Pressure Engineering
LPT Low Pressure Turbine Engineering
LQFP Low Profile Quad Flatpack Computer
LR Miscellaneous Lighting and Isolated Receptacle Panels Engineering
LSA Local Security Authority Computer
LSAG Linux System Administrator’s Guide Computer
LSI Large Scale Intergrated Circuit Computer
LT Long Tons Engineering
LTSW Long Tons Seawater Electricity
LUN Logical Unit Number Computer
MA Milliamps Engineering
MAC Media Access Control Computer
MAN Metropolitan Area Network Computer
Matl Material Engineering
MAWP Maximum Allowable Working Pressure Engineering
MB Megabyte Computer
Mbyte Megabyte Computer
MCC Machinery Control Console Engineering
MCCS Machinery Centralized Control System Engineering
MCE Media Center Edition Computer
MCH Memory Control Hub (aka. Motherboard Northbridge) Computer
MCHRY Machinery Engineering
MCP Media & Communication Processor, aka. Mobo south bridge, see ICH Computer
MCP Motor Circuit Protector Engineering
MCU Micro Controller Unit Computer
MDM Mobile Digital Media Computer
MED Medium Computer
MEP Mean Effective Pressure per Cylinder Engineering
MER Mars Exploration Rover Computer
MERLE Mediocre Electronic Refurbished Low End Equipment Computer
MFC Main Fuel Control Engineering
MFD ? Computer
MFM Modified Frequency Modulation Computer
MFT Master File Table Computer
MHS Measurement Handicap System (called IMS after 1985) Sailing
MIMO Multiple Input, Multiple Output Computer
MLC Multilevel Cell Computer
MMC Mulitmedia Card Engineering
MMORPGs Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Games Computer
MMRC MSC Message Refile Center Computer
MMS Minerals Management Service Engineering
MMS Multimedia Messaging Services Computer
MMU Memory Management Units Computer
Mobo Motherboard Engineering
MODU Mobile Offshore Drilling Unit Engineering
MOPP Mission Oriented Protective Posture Engineering
MOV Motor Operated Valve General
MP3 Moving Pictures Experts Group Audio Layer 3 Digital Audio/Video
MPAA Motion Picture Accocisation of America General
MR Machinery Room Engineering
MRG Main Reduction Gears Engineering
MS Digital Audio/Video
MS Main Switchboard Engineering
MSD Marine Sanitation Device Engineering
MSDS Material Safety Data Sheet Engineering
MSO Medical Service Officer General
MSRP Manufacture’s Suggested Retail Price Engineering
MT Empty Engineering
MTA Multimedia Terminal Adapter Computer
MTBF Mean Time Before Failure Computer
MTR Motor Engineering
MTTR Mean Time To Repair Computer
MULT Multiple Electricity
MV Millivolts Engineering
MVNO Mobile Virtual Network Operators Computer
MWBR Minimum Weight of Bottle before Recharging General
MBR Master Boot Record Computer
MBSA Microsoft Baseline Security Analyzer Computer
MEMS MicroElectricalMechanical Systems Computer
MIMO Multiple In, Multiple Out Computer
MIPS ?? Computer
Mips Mega Texels Per Second Computer
MIPS Million Instructions per Second Computer
MMU Memory Module Unit Computer
MOSFET Metal-Oxide Semiconductor Field-Effect Transmitter Computer
N (effective) RPM Engineering
NA Not Applicable Engineering
NAND Not AND Computer
NAS Network Attached Storage Computer
NAT Network Address Translation Computer
NAV Navigation Engineering
NCO Non Commissioned Officer Engineering
NCQ Native Command Queing (SATA Standard) Computer
NEC National Electric Code (ANSI standard) Engineering
NEMA National Electrical Manufacturers Association Engineering
NFG No Fucking Good Engineering
NFPA National Fire Protection Association Engineering
NFTI Naval Firefighters Thermal Imager Engineering
NFOR Near-Field Optical Recording Computer
NFU Non Follow Up Engineering
NGG RPM, Gas Generator Engineering
NGSCB Next Generation Secure Computing Base, by Microsoft Computer
NIC Network Interface Card Computer
NIL Nanoimprint Lithography Computer
NIOSH National Institute for Occupational Safety & Health Pocket Guide to Chemical Hazards Computer
NIST National Institute of Standards & Technology (Boulder, Co.) Computer
NMEA National Marine Electronics Association Engineering
NNTP Network News Transfer Protocol Engineering
NOR Not OR Computer
Nox Nitrogen Oxides Engineering
NPN Transistor Electricity
NRZ Non-Return to Zero Computer
NSA National Security Administration General
NSI Network Solutions Computer
NTFS New Technology File System Engineering
NUC Not Under Command Engineering
NX No Excute Computer
NaCL Sodium Chloride General
OCMI Officer in Charge, Marine Inspection Computer
ODBC Open Database Connectivity Computer
ODU Offshore Drilling Unit Engineering
OFDM Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiplexing Computer
OFSET Organization for Free Software in Education & Teaching Computer
OGG Ogg Vorbis Digital Audio/Video
OGSA Open Grid Services Architecture Computer
OIC Operator Interface Computer Engineering
OLE Object Linking & Embedding Computer
OLEDs Organic light emitting diodes Engineering
OPR Operated Engineering
ORMS Other Regulated Materials Engineering
ORNL Oak Ridge National Laboratory Computer
OSHA Occupational Safety & Health Act Engineering
OSV Oil Supply Vessel Engineering
OTC Over-the-Counter General
OTC Oil Tanker Corporation Engineering
OWS Oily Water Separator Engineering
OWT Oily Water Transfer Engineering
OPML Outline Processor Markup Language Computer
P Poles Engineering
P Port Computer
P Power Engineering
P Pressure in lb./in2 per cylinder Engineering
P/E Price / Earnings Ratio Financial
P/S Port/Starboard Engineering
P2P Peer-to-Peer Computer
PACC Propulsion & Auxiliary Control Console Engineering
PACEE Propulsion & Auxiliary Control Electronic Enclosure Engineering
PAMCE Propulsion & Auxiliary Machinery Control Equipment Engineering
PAMISE Propulsion & Auxiliary Machinery Information Systems Equipment Engineering
PAN Personal Area Network Computer
PARC Palo Alto Research Center Engineering
PASS Pull Aim Squeeze Sweep Engineering
PASS Personal Alert Safety Systems Engineering
PAT Performance Acceleration Technology Computer
PATA Parallel ATA Computer
PCB Printed Circuit Board Computer
PCI Peripheral Component Interconnect Computer
PCI-E (Peripheral Component Interconnect) PCI Express Computer
PCI-SIG Peripheral Component Interconnect-Special Interest Group Computer
PCM Pulse Code Modulation Computer
PCS Propulsion Control System Engineering
PDC Primary Domain Controller Sailing
PDP Plasma Display Panels Computer
PECU Portable Exothermic Cutting Unit Engineering
PED Personal Equipment Display Computer
PEL Permissible Exposure Limits Engineering
PFC Power Factor Correction Computer
PFPE Perfluoropolyethers Computer
PGA Pin Grid Array Computer
PGP Pretty Good Privacy Computer
PH ? (base or alkaline) General
PHRF Performance Handicap Racing Fleet Engineering
PHY Physical Computer
PIB Processors in Box Computer
PIC Personal Internet Communicator Computer
PID Process Identifier Computer
PING Packet Internet Groper Computer
PKP Potassium Bicarbonate Computer
PLA Power Level Angle Indicator Engineering
PLC Programmable Logic Controller Engineering
PLCC Propulsion Local Control Console Computer
PLCEE Propulsion Local Control Electronic Enclosure Engineering
PLD Personal Locator Device Computer
PLOE Propulsion Local Operating Equipment Engineering
PMA Permanent Magnet Alternator Engineering
PMC Portable Media Center Computer
PMI Private Mortgage Insurance General
PML Personal Marker Light Engineering
PMP Point to MultiPoint Computer
PMP Portable Media Player Computer
PNI Prescott New Instructions Computer
PNP Semi-conductor Transistor Electricity
PNP Plug & Play Computer
PoE Power over Ethernet Computer
POE Printed Organic Electronics Engineering
POP3 ? Computer
PP Power Panels Engineering
PP Pump Engineering
PPM Parts Per Million Engineering
PPO unit Purge, PumpOut transfer and storage recovery unit Engineering
PPPoE Point-to-Point Protocol over Ethernet Computer
PPU Physics Processing Unit Computer
PR Pair Engineering
PSA Prostate Specific Antigen, Normal range is 0 to 4 General
PSC Per Ships Compass Sailing
PSC Per Standard Compass Sailing
PSI Pounds Per Square Inch Engineering
PSIG Pounds Per Square Inch Gauge Engineering
PSM Processor Serial Number Computer
PVC Polyvinylcloride Computer
PVR ??(Personal Video Recorder?)
PVT Process/Voltage/Temperature Computer
PBIT Probability Bit Computer
PCB Printed Circuit Board Computer
PCM Phase Change Material Computer
PPE Power Processor Element Computer
QoS Quality of Service Computer
QT Quart Engineering
Qubit Quantum Bit Computer
R Resistance Electricity
RAID Redundant Array of Inexpensive Disks Engineering
RAII Recording Industry Association of America Computer
RAM Random Access Memory Computer
RAM Restricted In Movement Deck
RAP Remote Alarm Panel Computer
RAP Remote Annunciator Panel Engineering
RAS Row Address Strobe (RAM Timings) Computer
RAW-DAO RAW-Disc At Once Electricity
RAW-SAO RAW-Session At Once Engineering
RCR Reverse Current Relay Engineering
RE Refrigeration Effect Engineering
RF Radio Frequency Computer
RFID Radio Frequency Identification Computer
RIB Rigid Inflatable Boat Engineering
RLL Run Length Limited Code Computer
RM Room Sailing
RMS Root Mean Square Electricity
RMT Remote Computer
RMX Ratiometric Expansion Computer
ROE Return on (stockholder’s) Equity Financial
ROM Read Only Memory Computer
ROP Digital Audio/Video
RORC Royal Ocean Racing Club of London Engineering
RPC Region Playback Code Digital Audio/Video
RPM Revolutions Per Minute Engineering
RPM Red Hat Packet Manager Computer
RSD Raised Engineering
RS-MMC Reduced Size Multimedia Card Engineering
RTC Real-Time Clock Computer
RTD Resistance Temperature Detectors Engineering
RTDB Real-Time Database Engineering
RTE Resistance Temperature Elements Engineering
RVI Remote Visual Inspection Engineering
RSS Really Simple Syndication Computer
S Starboard Engineering
SACD Super Audio CD Computer
SAM Security Accounts Manager Computer
SAMHSA Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration Engineering
SAMM Shipboard Automated Machinery Maintenance Engineering
SANE Scanner Access Now Easy Computer
SAR Specific Absorption Rate Engineering
SART Search & Rescue Radar Transponder Engineering
SAS Serial Attached SCSI Computer
SATA Serial ATA Computer
SATAN Security Administrator Tool for Analyzing Networks Computer
SCADA Supervisory Control & Data Acquistion Computer
SCB Spring Counterbalance Engineering
SCBA Self Contained Breathing Apparatus Computer
SCC Ship Control Console Computer
SCE Ship’s Control Equipment Engineering
SCEEE Ship’s Control Equipment Enclosure Engineering
SCP Supercargo Personal Engineering
SCR Silicone Controlled Rectifier Engineering
SCSI Small Computer Systems Interface Computer
SD Secure Digital Engineering
SETI Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence General
SF Surface Factor Engineering
SFF Small Form Factor Computer
SFR Split Frame Rendering Computer
SHP Sterically Hindered Polyester Computer
SHR Shower Engineering
SID Security Identifier Computer
SIG Special Interest Group General
SIMD Single Instruction, Multiple Data Computer
SIP Session Initiation Protocol Computer
SISA Shipboard Information Systems Administrator Engineering
SLC Single Level Cell Computer
SLE Steam piston diameter * Liquid piston diameter * Effective Stroke Length Engineering
SLI Scalable Link Interface (Nvidia) Computer
SLI Scan-Line Interleave Technology (3Dfx) Computer
SLR Single Lens Reflex Engineering
SM Small Engineering
SM Supply Management Computer
SMD Storage Module Drive Computer
SMIS Shipboard Management Informations Systems Engineering
SMS Short Messaging Services Computer
SMTP Simple Mail Transfer Protocol Computer
SNMP Simple Network Management Protocol Computer
SNR ? Computer
SOC System On Chip Computer
SOI Silicone on insulator Engineering
SOLAS Internation Convention for Safety of Life at Sea Engineering
SOMA Self-Ordered Magnetic Arrays Computer
SOOL Shit Out Of Luck Computer
SP Shore Power Engineering
SPD Serial Presence Detect Computer
SPDIF ?? Computer
SPEC Standard Performance Evaluation Corporation, Computer
SPF Sender Permitted Form, aka. Sender Policy Framework Computer
SPI Stateful Packet Inspection Computer
SPNR Spanner Engineering
SPOT Smart Personal Objects Technology Engineering
SPP System Platform Processor Computer
SQ Square Engineering
SQL Structured Query Language Computer
SR Stateroom Engineering
SRD Engineering
SSDG Ship Service Diesel Generator Engineering
SSID Servive Set Identifier Computer
STAR Shipboard Traing & Retention Engineering
STBD Starboard Engineering
STCW International Convention on the Standards of Training, Certification, & Watchkeeping for Seafarers Engineering
STTWR Stair Tower Engineering
SUCT Suction Engineering
SWB Seawater Ballast General
SWBD Switchboard Engineering
SEM Single Electron Memory Computer
SET Single Electron Transistor Computer
Si Silicon Computer
Si02 Silicon Dioxide Computer
SPEs Synergistic Processing Elements Computer
SPIE International Society for Optical Engineering Computer
SPOT Smart Personal Object Technology Computer
SRX Speed & Range expansion Computer
STM Scanning Tunneling Microscope Computer
T Seconds per cycle Electricity
TAS Tired Ass Syndrome Engineering
TAU Tempered Air Unit Engineering
TCP/IP Transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol Computer
TECH Technical Engineering
TEV Evaporator Engineering
TGB Transfer Gear Box Engineering
TKIP Temporal Key Integrity Protocol Computer
TLD Top Level Domain Computer
TLI Tank Level Indicator Engineering
TLV Threshold Limit Valve Engineering
TLV-STEL Short Term Exposure Limit Engineering
TM Technical Manual Engineering
TMF Turbine Mid-Frame Engineering
TPI Tracks Per Inch Computer
TR Trunk Engineering
TRANSV Transverse Engineering
TREE Transient Radiation Effects on Electronics Engineering
TRF Turbine Rear-Frame Engineering
TSB Technical Service Bulletin General
TSOP Thin Small Outline Package Computer
TWA Time Weighted Average Engineering
TWR Tower Computer
TXFR Transfer Computer
TXV Thermal Expansion Valve Engineering
TZI Track Zero Interrupter Computer
TI Texas Instruments Computer
TI Titanium Computer
TIM Thermal Interface Material Computer
TiOx Titanium Oxide Computer
UAA Universal Audio Architecture Computer
UDF Universal Disk Format Computer
UEL Upper Explosive Limit Engineering
uF Microfarad Electricity
UML Unified Modeling Language Computer
UNC Universal Namimg Convention General
USA PATRIOT Uniting & Strengthening America by Providing Appropriate Tools required to Intercept & Obstruct Terrorism Act Engineering
US-CERT U.S. Computer Emergency Readiness Team General
USCG United States Coast Guard Electricity
USLMRA U.S. Lawn Mower Racing Association Electricity
USNS United States Naval Ship Engineering
UTP Unshielded Twisted Pair Computer
UWB Ultra Wide Band Computer
UNII Unlicensed National Information Infrastructure Bands (UNII Frequency Bands) Computer
V E, Voltage, Electro-motive force, or electricial pressure Engineering
VA Voltamps Engineering
VAC Alternating Current Voltage Engineering
VAR Value Added Reseller Digital Audio/Video
VARS Voltamps Reactive Engineering
VBR Variable Bit-Rate encoding Computer
VDC Direct Current Voltage Engineering
VFD Vacuum Fluorescent Display Computer
VI Virtual Instruments Computer
VID Voltage ID Computer
VOB DVD Video Object Digital Audio/Video
VoIP Voice Over Internet Protocol Computer
VPN Virtual Private Network Computer
VPU Video Processing Unit Computer
VSAT Very Small Aperture Terminal satellite Digital Audio/Video
VSV Variable Stator Vanes Engineering
VFD Vacuum Fluorescent Display Computer
VOD Video-On-Demand Computer
VRM Voltage Regulator Module Computer
VX Voltage Extreme Computer
W Watts Engineering
W/ With Engineering
WAN Wide Area Network Computer
WB Water Ballast Engineering
WB-AMR Wideband Adaptive Multirate Codec Engineering
WBS Water Ballast Side (Tank)\ Engineering
WC Water Closet Engineering
WDS Wireless Distribution System Computer
WEP Wired Equivalent Privacy Computer
WiMAX World Interoperability for Microwave Access (a.k.a. IEE 802.16) Computer
WISP Wireless Internet Service Provider Computer
WKS Work Shop Engineering
WMA Windows Media Audio Digital Audio/Video
WME Windows Media Encoder Computer
WNA Winter, North Atlantic Engineering
WOL Wake On Lan Computer
WPA Wi-Fi Protected Access Computer
WR Washroom Engineering
WSC Windows Security Center Computer
WT Watertight Engineering
WTD Watertight Door Engineering
WiMAX Worldwide Interoperability for Microwave Access Computer
XC Capacitive Reactance Engineering
XL Inductive Reactance Engineering
XML eXtensible Markup Language Computer
XR Extended Range Computer
XSMD Extended storage module drive interfac Computer
XTE Cross Track Error Sailing
XVR Crossover General
Z Impedence Engineering
ZBR Zone Bit Recording Computer
ZIF Zero Insertion Force Computer
ZIU Zone Indicating Unit Engineering
 WMD Water Management District Government
 DEP Department of Environmental Protection Government
 SSL  Sovereign Submerged Land Government
 WMD  Weapons of Mass Destruction Government
MMORPGs Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Games  Computer
 CMMS  Computerized Maintenance Management System Computer
 WO  Work Order Computer
 FL Functional Locations  Computer
COMP EFF Completion Efficiency_% of orders created AND completed in the last 7 days  Computer
 CLS EFF  Closing efficiency and shows the percentage of orders closed that were completed within the last 7 days. This gives supervisors an idea of the efficiency of the administrative process of closing completed orders. A higher number means that supervisors are keeping up with the order completion rate.  Computer
 CI  Critical Input (CB’s to UPS modules) UHG
 CO  Critical Output  UHG
 CT  Change Task  UHG
 DCF  Data Center Facilities  UHG
 FTI  Federal Tax Information  UHG
 GSS  Global Self Service Time & Attendance  UHG
 IT Incident Task  UHG
 PHI  Protected Health Info  UHG
 ECG  Electronic Communication Gateway  UHG
 NCP  Natural Language Processing  UHG
 ML  Machine Learning  UHG
 OLAP  Online Analytical Processing  UHG
 SSR  Safeguard Security Report  UHG
 STS  Static Transfer Switch UHG
 VROS  Vendor Relationship Owners UHG
 EF Exhaust Fans UHG
 HP Heat Pumps UHG
 HEX  Heat Exchanger UHG
 FCU  Fan Coil Unit UHG
 MUA  Make Up Air UHG
 UDP  UPS Distribution Panel UHG
 CRAC  Computer Room Air Conditioning UHG
 DASD  Direct Access Storage Device UHG
 H High Power UHG
 DAX  Data Analysis Expressions MS Excel
 WFH  Working From Home UHG
 OSDS  Optum-Scale Data Science
FLA Full Load Amperage Electrical
FLC Full Load Current Electrical
OL Overload Electrical
OC Over-current Electrical
OCPD Over-current Protection Device Electrical
BOE Board of Electricity
DOLI Department of Labor & Industry
CMP Code-making panel
PEP Python Enhancement Proposal Programming
repl Read, Eval, Print, Loop Programming