AutoCAD Education and Projects

Unanswered Questions

  1. How do I draw a chair back?
  2. How do I extrude a roof truss?
    • Error:  “Cannot sweep or extrude a self-intersecting curve” (but no curve=made a roof truss=two triangles)


  1. Type dwgunits
    • decide units
    • decide format
    • display precision (4)
    • other Dwgs (Yes)
    • Insunits (Yes)
  2. Type options
    • Display
      • adjust Tooltips
        • 2.00 Seconds
    • Open & Save
      • 5 minutes between Saves
      • Create backup copy with Save
      • Maintain Logfile
      • Display full path in title
    • System
      • Graphics performance on
      • User Name
      • Balloon Notifications
        • unchecked
    • User Preferences
      • Insertion Scale
        • Source content units set
        • Target drawing units set
  3. Type ds (DSETTINGS / Drafting Settings)
    • Object Snap
      • Select All
    • Selection Cycling
      • unchecked
  4. Type ptype (Utilities/Point Sytle)
    • Change from small point

Other Options

  1. Type Ribbon or RibbonClose
    • Open or closes ribbon
  2. Type Toolbar
    • Adds toolbar

Shortcuts, Aliases, and Shell Commands

Abbreviation Description
ALIASEDIT Opens Alias Editor with Command Aliases Tab & Shell Commands Tab
L Line
C Circle
DwgUnits Drawing Units
Rec Rectangle
Z Zoom
P Pan
mov Move
tr Trim
ext Extend
a Arc
ch Opens Object Properties
co Copy
e Erase
mi Mirror
op Options
pe Polyline Edit
pl Polyline
ro rotate
sc Scale
dt Single-line Text
t Multi-line Text
un Units
AI_EditCustFile & acad.pgp Opens the ‘Program Parameters File for AutoCAD
 dli  Dimlinear
 d  dimension settings

Electrical Schematic Design

Snap set to 1/4″

Layer of I-Elec

Create Block Library within rectangle

Insert tab/create block

LTS Linetype Scale

Osnaps on

Search ‘free cad block’