Elimination Diet, Dr. Karen Vrchota

Allowed Foods

Rice_Whole grainFresh FruitFresh VegetablesAdditive-free meat, ideally certified organicWaterRaisins (unsulfured)OlivePure Honey
Rice_WhitePotatoesChickenUnflavored mineral waterRice Cakes/Crackers_plainSafflowerPure Maple Syrup
Rice_BasmatiFrench Fries (made with allowed oil)TurkeySingle-herb or plain teaSunflowerOil/Vinegar Dressing
Rice_JasmineVealAlmond MilkSesameSea Salt
Rice_Wild RiceGrass-fed BeefRice MilkCoconutPepper
PorkCoconut MilkPure3 Single Herbs (Basil, Oregano, etc.)
LambXylitol or baking soda toothpaste

Not-Allowed Foods

Heavily Processed Rice (box rice)Citrus, Orange, Lemon, Lime, GrapefruitCornSoybeansMilkNothing with Soy, Tamari, or other grainsIs Avocado oil ok?Sugar
No other gluten-free grains (no oats, quinoa, etc.)PineappleFrozen VegetablesAll Soy ProductsDairy Coffee Drinks with Casein or WheyMost snacksButterAll Sweeteners (except the two allowed)
GlutenStrawberriesCanned VegetablesPeanuts / Peanut ButterFruit BeveragesChocolateAll MargarinesBread
WheatCanned FruitsLuncheon MeatKool-AidChewing GumAll Diet SpreadsCake
RyeFrozen Fruits containing Corn Starch &/or other additivesHot Dogs, WeinersSoda PopIce CreamPeanut OilCookies
KamutBaconCoffeeCorn OilMouthwash
SpeltArtificially-dyed meat, hamburgerAlcoholToothpaste
TriticaleDyed SalmonJam
Wheat flourAll ShellfishJello
Most Cakes, Cookies, Bread, Baked GoodsBreaded MeatsSorbitol (Corn)
PopcornMeats with StuffingHerb Blends (chili powder, seasoning mixes, etc.)
Cereal Mixtures, GranolaCheese
Malt, & Malt FlavorSoy Cheese
Malt Vinegar

Daily Record

Day Dietary Requirment Notes Date
01-07 Elimination Diet Purification Period Did a pre prep for 2 weeks before looking over my normal food.  Then went strict onto rice, meat, fresh veggies, & fresh fruit only. 2018-08-13to21
08 Dairy 61 pulse before / 61-62 after pint glass of milk. WI cheese curds=gassy after 1 hour eating.  Smoothie of fresh fruit (apple, pear, peach, blueberry), yogurt, milk, etc.  Volunteered 4 hours, brought smoothie but didn’t drink=busy.  Slight head/neck ache afterwards, don’t feel from dairy however; suspect heat, hunger, busy day. Dinner = flank steak, garden salad, 1 pint cottage cheese, 1/2 gal whole milk (for whole day), WI cheese curds. Stomach full right away (overate).  Pulse 68-78 consistent.  Going to bed and still feel like stomach is full. No heartburn, but thirsty. Had a bad night sleep with a stuffy nose. 2018-08-22
09 Elimination Diet Felt okay despite less sleep last night 2018-08-23
10 Elimination Diet 2018-08-24
11 Wheat Gluten eaten: Pasta, Olive oil, onions for breakfast & dinner with a smoothie also at dinner.  Very tired in morning after work. 2018-08-25
12 Elimination Diet 2018-08-26
13 Elimination Diet Mild heartburn for some hours (overeating?)  Last night at work ate rice , 2 chicken patties, cucumbers, smoothie, bananas, pecans, rice cake snack.  Home: slept 2-1/2″ hours, stomach feels full with heartburn.  Alot of heartburn today, not intense but constant burn with moments of higher intensity. 2018-08-27
14 Sugar Had intermittent heartburn throughout day.  Feels like sugar reaction. 2018-08-28
15 Egg Felt okay all day. 2018-08-29
16 Cocoa Felt okay all day. 2018-08-30
17 Food Coloring Missed this today. 2018-08-31
18 Corn Felt okay all day. 2018-09-01
19 Citrus Felt okay all day. 2018-09-02
20 Peanut Butter Felt okay all day. 2018-09-03
21 Preservatives 2018-09-04
22 Soy 2018-09-05
23 Coffee
24 Alcohol Bad reaction to alcohol.  Even 1 beer can result in a slight headache.
25 Any Suspected Foods




Other Notes

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