Dried Fruit Shopping & Comparisons


Manufacturer Questions

  • Ingredients
  • Organic (non-GMO) certification
  • Shipping costs
  • Sweetener used (Apple juice or organic sucrose)

Notes from the Field

  • Store ideally at 60° F
  • “Sweet & Dry” are the blueberries we want ($7-12 per lb)
    • Between baking, snacking, and cooking, snacking is what we are looking for
  • Organic is almost always non-GMO
  • All blueberries are picked, frozen, and then dried., this stops fruit degradation
    • Takes 2-to-5 lbs to make 1 lb dried fruit
    • Nothing is freeze-dried or the fruit becomes to small
  • Moisture content we’re looking for is 14-18% when infused
  • Wild-grown or Cultivated
    • Wild-grown
      • smaller = more blueberries per pound
      • Not planted by humans
      • NE USA and Canada
    • Cultivated
      • Larger fruit
      • Oregon only does cultivated
      • Planted in ground
      • Shrub growth
    • Nutrition is similar between Wild-grown or Cultivated, normally 15-20% differences
  • Sweetener
    1. Apple juice is infused (injected) into the fruit (before it is frozen?)
    2. Organic sugar (sucrose) is injected into the fruit
  • Organic Characteristics (vs Conventional)
    • “no sprayed materials”
    • “grown clean”
    • insects and maggots are normal in picked fruit
    • specifically uses land resources
    • Additives are added into the fruit
    • uses city water or ammonia (conventional uses chlorine)
    • Used processing aids are less than 1-3/4%
      • Sulfite is considered organic but may cause allergies in some
      • Sulfite is not used in dried blueberries (apples)