Insurance Coverage


  • Started State Farm insurance Home, Auto (2 cars), and an Umbrella policy for $192.47 per month
    • Pulled payments out of mortgage escrow to pay directly from UHGCU

Auto Insurance


Company:TravelersTravelers_UpdatedUSAAProgressiveLiberty Mutual-HtCUAmicaState Farm - Marissa BrowneUHG Employee Discount  
Notes:Minor is 4-to-11.1% increasePaid in full = $231.70 ($74.46-Home + $157.24-Auto) ($19.3/mnth)JD Power #2; Save 3% for EFT paymentsYour quote number is: 880904810Mike Ramia-877-824-6626-Orlando; 4-item Tracking Discount = immediate 10% discount, then after 3 months up to additional 20% deductionJD Power #1from Kelly Gaulrapp
Cost (Yearly)$1397.001312.49 ($2755 combined)1587.60$820*$1093 (only 10% applied) + $250 Umbrella$1501 / $1643 (see deductible$1108.12
ID Number:9961543702031 / 996154370880904810
Deductible$1000 / $500
Bodily Injury$300,000 each accident (300/500?
300k per person?, 500k per accident?
$300,000 (Liability Combined single limit)$300,000 per person, $500,000 per accident$250/$500/$100$250,000 per person, $500,000 per accident$250,000 per person, $500,000 per accident$250,000 per person, $500,000 per accident
Property Damagesee Bodily Injury$100,000 per accidentsee Bodily Injury$100,000$100,000
Uninsured Motorist Bodily Injury$300,000 each accident$300,000 each accident$250/$500$250 per person/$500 per incident$250,000 per person, $500,000 per accident
Under-insured Motorist Bodily Injury$300,000 each accident$300,000 each accident$300,000 per person, $500,000 per accident$250/$500$250,000 per person, $500,000 per accident$250,000 per person, $500,000 per accident
PIP_Medical Expenses$20,000 each person; $100 Deduct.$20,000; $100 deductible (from Medical/Work Loss Deductible)$20,000 each person; $100 Deduct.$20,000 each person$40,000 each person$20,000 each person
$100 Deduct.
PIP_Economic Loss$20,000 each person aggregate limit (weekly limits apply) $20,000$20,000 per person personal property damage$20,000 each person; $200 Deduct.$200 Deduct.
PIP_Work Loss Deduct.$200$200 deductible$500 per week$500 per week, $200 deductible$500 per week, $20,000 maximum, $0 deductible
CollisionActual Cash Value less $500 deduct.$500 deductibleNone$500 deductible-Ins. pays remainder without limit$500 deductible
ComprehensiveActual Cash Value less $500 deduct.$500 deductible$500 deduct.None$500 deductible-Ins. pays remainder without limit$500 deductible
Comprehensive with glass coverage
GlassIncl. Full Coverage, $0 deductible
Roadside assistance($23 per year-Premier)$100 (cost or coverage per incident?)None$100 covered$17 per year per vehicle, $100 max towingIncluded
Rental Car Coverage$40/day, $1200 per/accident$30 a day80% of cost up to 1K
Funeral$5000 maximum$5000, $500 per survivor
Maximum Total Limit$20,000 (WHAT'S THIS?)
Umbrella Policy$1,000000$250 cost per year, 1.3 Million coverage1 Million Coverage, $206 per year
Stack / Non-StackStacked PIPNon-StackNon-StackNon-Stack
EFT / Service Charge$24
Contact Details:Josh1-218-371-9266
Auto Insurance

  • Jeep = 10,000 miles per year
  • Subaru = 5,000 miles per year
  • PIP covers injuries to me &/or anyone in the car.
  • Liability covers injuries to other people in another car when accident is my fault
  • Comprehensive & Collision cover replacing the vehicle
    • Comprehensive = “not my fault”, an act of God, Deer, another driver, etc.
    • Collision = “my fault”, rear-end, etc.
  • Stacked VS Non-Stacked
    • Stacked
      • In Minnesota, stacking only applies to medical, MN Statue: ??
      • Increases UM and UIM coverage limits in relation to how many cars insured
      • helps pay for post-accident medical and property expenses (UM and UIM coverages vary by state)
      • 2 options: stacking across policies or stacking within one policy
        • Stacking within one policy
          • more than one car on same policy, stack UM bodily injury (UMBI) coverage
            • 2 cars, each 25K UMBI limits, hit by car without adequate insurance, combine coverage limits giving 50K instead of 25K
        • Stacking across Policies
          • Multiple, separate policies, all in same name, any accident on any vehicle allows filing a claim under all policies
    • Unstacked
      • treats each vehicle’s coverage separately, no matter how many cars insured
      • covers expense up to the UMBI limit for the vehicle involved

Homeowners Insurance


Company:State Farm - Marissa BrowneTravelersTravelers_UpdatedUSAAUHG Employee DiscountProgressiveLiberty Mutual-HTCUAmica
Notes:from Kelly GaulrappFor 2018-2019Functional Coverage?For 2018-2019; added discount for impact resistant roof, class 3 or 4 certified
Cost (Yearly):1015.05$1448.471441.97 (1239.97+202) ($2755 combined)$1276.50$829-$1198$887 / $1003 / $1116 (see deductible)$1094.98 ($1421.87 w/o Auto)
ID Number:9961768936331880904810
Section 01_Property CoverageSection 01_Property CoverageSection 01_Property CoverageSection 01_Property CoverageSection 01_Property CoverageSection 01_Property CoverageSection 01_Property Coverage
Deductible$1000$2500$2500$2000 $2500 / $1500 / $500$2500
Other Structures$33,400 for Increased Dwelling-Option ID, $32,7000 for Dwelling extension$30,400$33120$33,000$17,960$22,600
Personal Property$125,250$212,800$231,840$247,500$150,000$169,500
Loss of Use$50,100$91,200$66,240 (additional living expense)12 months unlimited, including hotel; Act-of-God for 24 months$70,000 for 12 months$67,500
RemediationPipe bursts in house covered, 10K per service line, gas & water$5,000covered under Dwellingcovered under Dwelling
Section 02_Liability CoverageSection 02_Liability CoverageSection 02_Liability CoverageSection 02_Liability CoverageSection 02_Liability CoverageSection 02_Liability CoverageSection 02_Liability Coverage
Personal Liability$300,000 $300,000 (Bodily Injury/Property Damage) each occurrence$300,000 $500,000$300,000 (with Umbrella up to 1.3 million)$300,000 (with Umbrella up to 1.3 million)
Medical Payments to Others$1000$5,000 each person$5,000$5,000 per person, per occurrence$1,000 per person, per occurrence
FloodNeed Quote (only outside water coming in)No claim history for last 10 yearsN/A
Wind / Hail$3,300 (1%-can +/- this)$1000 deductibleCovered under $2500 deductible
Water back up, Sump discharge or Overflow5%, 8,350$25,000$25,000 ($2500 deductible)No claim history for last 10 years$5000, $500 deductible
Policy Time Duration1 year
Full Replacement or Depreciated valueFull ReplacementFull Replacement
Identity Fraud Expense Reimbursement$1000$25$15,000
Installment fees$1000 Damage to Property of others(each occurrence)
EFT / Service Charge$36 yearlyNoneAuto-pay discount + waves installment fees
DiscountsPaid in full = $231.70 ($74.46-Home + $157.24-Auto) ($19.3/mnth)Auto-pay, Paperless
Contact Details:1-218-371-9266Mike Ramia, 1-877-824-6626800-242-6422
Homeowners Insurance

  • Is the policy “Full Replacement Value” or depreciated value of replacement items?
  • Determine complete house rebuilding costs
    • Cost to buy-Coverage ÷ Square Footage = Cost per Sq.Ft
      • $255,000 ÷ 681 Sq.Ft = $374 per Sq.Ft we paid to purchase
      • $304,000 ÷ 681 Sq.Ft = $446 per Sq.Ft
      • $180,000 ÷ 681 Sq.Ft = $264 per Sq.Ft
      • $170,000 ÷ 681 Sq.Ft = $250 per Sq.Ft
      • $100,000 ÷ 681 Sq.Ft = $147 per Sq.Ft
      • Minneapolis Average cost to build per Sq.Ft = $150 per Sq.Ft (HomeAdvisor)
      • This is the cost to replace only the house, not purchase the land
  • Comprehensive Loss Underwriting Exchange (CLUE report) is a national database which keeps a history for every insured home
    • Everyone is allowed one free report annually
    • Can not pull someone else’s home CLUE report, but can request the seller pull and provide it
    • Free CLUE report can be obtained once a year from database giant LexisNexis. Requests can be made online or by calling (866) 312-8076.