JavaScript_Deep Foundations_Kyle Simpson


JavaScript_3 Core Fundamentals:

  1. Types and Coercion Systems
    • Must know this to understand JS the act, process, or power of coercing
    • They used coercion to obtain the confession.
  2. Scope and Closures System
    1. Closure systems is the most important concept in computing science
  3. This and Object Prototype System
    • Webpack is complicated but knowing exactly the difference between an object, the prototype chain, and the closure and lexical scope chain is really knowing JS.

Video-02_Scope & Closures Intro

Closure_What is it?

Video-03_Understanding Scope

Scope – Where to look for things

  • Analogy-Variables are colored marbles and to find variables we place a colored marble in the same color bucket.  I.E.: Red marbles and red buckets, blue marbles in blue buckets, etc.  This is Scope.  The set of rules we use to sort and find variables.

With scope, what are we looking for?

  1. Variables
  • Looking for the value
  • Adding to the value